Who is the Ice Queen?

The Ice Queen is Greensboro's only mobile ice cream parlor.

Whether you want an old-school Rocket Pop or a snazzy Cookie Monster Sammich, we've got you covered! (Not literally covered, but don't worry) ...... we always have plenty of napkins just in case!

Snowflake (of course the truck has a name) is always stocked with at least eight flavors of delicious scoopable ice cream for your creation.  Flurry is the name of the wee ice cream cart that is available for indoor corporate events (no stairs, please). She's HEAVY, but don't tell her that...

Feel free to mix up flavors for a super special Sammich. Nothing is too weird. Well, almost nothing. That Reese’s Peanut Butter cup and Mint Chocolate Chip milkshake with rainbow sprinkles ... that was a little too much.