A whole lotta yum!

Don't believe the people that say ice cream is fattening.

They're not telling you the whole truth. If you have it as a meal the happiness in your body immediately cancels out any calories you ingested that day. Truth. Really...

Here are some more facts about ice cream and The Ice Queen.

The Ice Queen business is run out of Snowflake, a 1992 Chevy short bus with 2 giant ice cream cones out front to flaunt her goods. Snowflake and I found each other in June of 2011 and were working together by the 4th of July weekend. I took off the tacky makeup that her previous owner painted on her and replaced it with pin-striping and a shiny white dress. She keeps getting purdier and purdier as time passes!

We go out a lot to make all sorts of folks happy. Big and small, young and old. Ice cream love knows no bounds. Have you ever seen a grown man squeal in delight when the ice cream truck comes by? We have .... and it's wonderful.

Have us come to some of the cool shin-digs you throw at your place of employment and you'll get to see how cool Snowflake really is. I talk to her every time we go out and she's saved my butt on several occasions.

Yeah, she's that good.