Ice Queen Neighborhood Pickup!

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Hero Sammiches for Cone Hospital Workers HERE!!

The world may have thrown us a whammy, but we can still enjoy the simple things in life. You know what I'm talking about.... ICE CREAM!!


In an effort to continue to share happiness in such stressful times (and not go completely broke), the Ice Queen is now offering neighborhood pickup service! We don't have to give everything up, dammit!


Here's how it works: There will be dates and times listed as 'locations' on my online ordering platform. You choose which location you want to pick up at, order, pay online, then come get your order at the predetermined date and time!

We'll be making each order individually while taking every safety precaution we can. We're well stocked in disinfectant and gloves.... and we'll use em!

All we ask is that you maintain proper social distancing. We will gladly refund an order if someone thinks they could possibly be sick or if someone in their household has become ill. We want everyone to stay as safe and happy as possible!


If you're interested in having a pickup in your neighborhood, please email me at!


Menu items: Full menu with flavors is on the next page of this site, but the most up to date menu is on the ordering site below. We like to change things up sometimes!

Sammiches: Made to order giants. $6

Cups: Two scoops in a cup with a lid. $3

Mini Donuts: 10 per order. Heat them up in your oven. $4. 

Box of 70+ donuts for $17. Freeze them and have them any time!


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