How much we cost...

My mom used to tell me to ‘keep it simple, stupid’, so that’s what I figured would work best for my pricing.

I didn’t follow that rule anywhere else in my life, so I might as well use it somewhere!

Here’s my standard item pricing:

  • Popsicles: $2
  • Scoops: $2-$4
  • Petite Sammiches: $4
  • Mac Daddy Sammiches: $5

There is a travel/set-up fee of $50 for Greensboro which includes up to one hour of service, more for events beyond since the girls are quite fond of petrol. At about 8 miles per gallon some would say they have a drinking problem.

We set an ice cream minimum (guarantee of sales) based on how many guests you're expecting and what menu items you want offered. We ring everything in as we go, so you'll pay for what you get once you reach the minimum. Don't worry.. the minimums are quite reasonable!

We'll customize to suit whatever event you’re throwing. And the girls have big freezers so they can help lots of people chill out. When I say ‘lots’ I mean over a thousand. That’s a lot, right?

Email us and we'll tell you all you need to know about booking!