How much we cost...

My mom used to tell me to ‘keep it simple stupid’, so that’s what I figured would work best for my pricing.

I didn’t follow that rule anywhere else in my life, so I might as well use it somewhere!

Here’s my standard pricing.


  • Popsicles: $2
  • Scoops: $2 to $4
  • Sammiches: $5

 Yup, that’s it.


Package deals are available to suit whatever event you’re throwing. The more people, the better deal I can give you! We can customize the menu to suit your budget. And the girls have big freezers so they can help lots of people chill out. When I say ‘lots’ I mean over a thousand. That’s a lot, right?

There is a travel/set-up fee of $50 for Greensboro which includes up to one hour of service, more for events beyond since the girls are quite fond of petrol. At about 8 miles per gallon some would say they have a drinking problem.